Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 Simple steps on how to look like a writer

1. Stop brushing your hair
Writers don't have time for such controversial things, like aesthetics!

2. Don't get out of bed
Just wake up, roll over, and grab your laptop! 

3. Carry a notebook everywhere with you
To write down all of your genius ideas! 

4. Wear big glasses
So everyone knows how smart you are, and that you read a lot. 

5. Scarves. At least 4 at a time.
Us writers love our layers. Right?

6. Write in a public place, like a park or coffee shop.
Because your not a real writer unless someone sees you writing. 
7. Become an alcoholic
Writers are deep, dark and depressed. So naturally, we are alcoholics.

8. Knitted beanie to cover your bed hair.
Whack a hat over that messy do!

9. Say poetic things to make ladies swoon.
Brush up on your poetry, and tell bitches you're a writer. 

10. Spend most of your day playing computer games instead of actually writing.
This is just something I end up doing anyway.


  1. i've been doing 8 of these and I will now add the others. Soon I will be a writer!

  2. I would finish this comment but I have to get a drink and try to get out of bed first.

  3. Hey, I'm an accomplished writet. #11. Shower only once a week.

  4. Ignore kids, husbands and pets unless they need urgent attention.