Review Swap

Are you an author? Perhaps you're looking for a reputable reviewer. I'm always interested in doing a review swap with fellow authors. Here's some of the genres/categories I read most:

  • Dystopian
  • Romantic
  • Futuristic
  • Historical
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Sagas/Trilogies

  • Paranormal
  • Lesbian
  • Historical
  • Contemporary
  • Erotic
  • Young Adult

General Fiction
  • Romance
  • Chick-lit
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Thriller
  • Suspence
  • Horror

  • Lesbian
  • M/F
  • Fantasy
As you can see I love fantasy/paranormal romance, with a bit of magic and history thrown in. I am not opposed to reading adult material. I have a special affinity for student/teacher relationships as well. If your genre isn't on the list above, please feel free to enquire. Shoot me an email: katebloomfieldauthor [at] hotmail [dot] com.

However, if your book falls under one of the categories below, I probably wont be interested...

I DO NOT read:

  • Cookbooks
  • Memoirs
  • (Auto)Biographies
  • How-To guides
  • Self-Help
Childrens Books (Though I do love Harry Potter)
Picture Books
Political Non-Fiction,  Politics based fiction (bores the crap out of me)


  1. No cookbooks? Darn. I was going to ask you to read my book "101 Ways to Cook a Squirrel." I'll read one of your books if you want. Keep in mind I give true, critical reviews. I do not hand out 5 stars easily. The book has to really stick with me to get a 5 star. Same with 1 star though. The book has to be complete and utter trash to get a 1 star.

  2. Let's swap. Sonoma Knight: The Goat-Ripper Case is due in a few days. E-book then print. It's a sexy, romantic crime thriller set in the heart of wine country. As an Amazon reviewer, I'm #22,500 -- woppee.

  3. Hi Kate! You don't list Science Fiction on your likes or dislikes (unless I'm partially blind), but I thought I would inquire as to whether you would be willing to read my debut novel Energize? This could be a swap for Flamethroat, Rising Ashes, or Alpha Girl, all of which I have reviewed for you :). Please feel free to decline if my book doesn't sound like your cup of tea, but I figured what's the harm in asking? Have a wonderful day!

  4. Why don't you make it simple and put Fiction Review Swap Only at the top of the site? That way, us non-fiction writers who are looking for other authors to share our work with, exchange reviews, etc. can move on quickly. You have a nice site - too bad you leave us out of the loop.



  5. I'd love to swap! My novel is newly released, called Garden of Eden by Kate Cowan. You can find me at or email me at if you're interested!

  6. Hi Kate, I'd like to do a book swap. My novel Red Willow's Quest just came out as an ebook on Amazon. It's a historical romance about a Shoshoni maiden studying to become a medicine woman. Wind Chaser, a wolf-dog, is her only companion until Masheka, a Kootenai warrior, is guided to protect her.