Monday, February 20, 2012

The Fire Mage Trilogy: BOOK TWO

Hi guys!
So. In under TWO WEEKS 4000+ people have downloaded 'Frost Arch: The Fire Mage Trilogy' which is book one in a three part series.

You'll be happy to know I have begun Book Two, and am 10 pages in. I have had the plot outlined for the entire series since I began book one, so hopefully by the end of the trilogy all of your questions will be answered, and all loose ends will be tied up! (I haven't decided upon an official title as of yet!)

Book Two is due to be published on Amazon in late August - but I'll keep you updated if anything changes!

In the meantime, why not comment with things you're wondering about? Did you feel that certain things remained unresolved after book one? What do you think will happen when Avalon returns home?

I'll post up the new book cover soon too!


  1. I just downloaded and read Frost Arch yesterday (finished in 2 days!), and I was really pleasantly surprised! I'm glad to read that there will be a second book coming relatively soon. Many of the series that I have fallen in love with are completed, or the last installments will be out soon. It's nice to find something new that has just started!