Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lone Girl (Wolfling Saga, 2) EXCERPT

Here is a very short excerpt from Chapter 16 in the 2nd book in the Wolfling Saga. (Due for release late June)


“Do you think you had an affair with your teacher, Thomas Stone, because he was the only available mate for miles around?”
I shifted uncomfortably. “I think we would have fallen in love, regardless of the affliction.”
Doctor Kent chuckled a little bit.
“What’s so funny?” I asked, feeling a pink flush creeping up my neck.
“Animals cannot fall in love the same way humans do, Rose.”
“I beg to differ,” I said. “Dogs can love. Chimps, cows and penguins; they all form bonds.”
“Instinct is not the same as love, Rose.”
“To love is instinct,” I replied.

The psychiatrist gave me a false smile. “Over the coming weeks I’d love to talk to you more about your life, experiences and thoughts, Rose. I think there is a lot we can work through together to help you. Many of our patients find therapy extremely beneficial to their mental health.”
“Do you think I'm mentally ill?” I asked.
Doctor Kent pursed his lips. “Early days, Rose. You can’t possibly expect me to give you a diagnosis after one session, can you?”
I shrugged. At least he hadn’t deemed me certifiably insane immediately. That was something.

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