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Unanswered Questions - Falling Ashes (Book #3)



Unfortunately I could not answer all questions in the epilogue of 'Falling Ashes'. Here, I will tie up many loose ends. I hope you find it satisfying!

Fun fact: The original version of 'Falling Ashes' contained a sex scene! It was later decided that it wasn't a nessesary part of the story, and was cut out.

Avalon Redding and Jack Greenwood:
Post-Battle, Avalon does not return to Mortlock with her family. Instead, she and Jack join Cecilia on their journey to cure all humans. This takes over a year to accomplish. 
Avalon also makes a trip to Germany with Fae to meet Raeven's parents and offer her condolences.  

After this, Avalon started an aid group for 'previously registered humans', which quickly grows into a large facility for post-stress and traumatized families thanks to generous donations from the public. They use the Realm's old headquarters as their base. 

With many Healers on the team, including Jack, they are able to counsel, heal, help, and home humans to get them back on their feet. She calls it the Black Bird Foundation. 

At age twenty-one, Jack and Avalon buy a farm together, where Hawthorne, Emilija, and the pups live. Shortly after moving in Jack proposes to Avalon.
At twenty-four, Avalon and Jack have their  first child, a human girl which they call Raeven.
Six years later, and their Fire-Mage son, Lance is born.

Fae and Dagon: 
Despite the traumatic events that have taken place in her life, Fae is able to overcome them. Not only that, but against all odds, she forms a solid (platonic) friendship with Dagon, and they end up becoming house-mates for several years, eventually going their separate ways when Dagon finds a wife. (Who, funnily enough, looks very much like Fae).
Fae spends the rest of her days flying around the world with Shadow, as a free spirit. She never marries, and never has any children, though she visits Avalon frequently.

Camryn Dreghorn: 
After losing her best, and only friend, Jack, Camryn was able to move on with her life. She became pregnant to one of the Creeley twins (From Book #1). They married before the baby was born. Camryn became a widow at thirty-one, and mothered 5 daughters.

Helena Redding and Jaime Greenwood:
After being cured, Helena regained all of her memories and confessed that she had been a prisoner inside her own head. She is able to lead a normal, happy life, and eventually ends up marrying Jaime Greenwood when she is in her early twenties. Despite both being human, together they have a Healer son.

Willow and Rue (The Vulmessians):
You may have figured from the epilogue, but Willow and Rue remained pups until each of Avalon's children were born. After that they began to grow at the same rate as the children. The Vulmessian Pups "imprinted" on the kids.

Hawthorne and Emilija: 
While Emilija's true master, Martinez regained his memories, she did not return to him. He had never shown his animal companion true love, and she was able to leave him by choice. Instead, Emilija chose Hawthorne as her partner (Which is why she was able to fly without a rider).
Together they lived out their days on Avalon and Jack's farm.
Not only that, but the Vulmessian couple had many pups together, not just Willow, Rue and Shade.
In total, they had a litter of pups every two years. Luckily, the land on the farm was more than enough to house several mischievous pups.
The pups were never sold. Instead, they were given, for free, to whoever they imprinted on.

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