Saturday, December 29, 2012

Falling Ashes (Book #3) BETA READERS

Are you looking forward to the next Fire Mage book?
Well, here is your chance to read it before anyone else.

As a self published author I do not have a team of editors/proofreaders to go over my work 100 times, helping me polish it up. This is largely done by myself, and the one proofreader I hire. (Her name is Melissa Gray, who you can email at: if you're interested in hiring a proofreader.)

But, I need opinions from fans. That is why I will choose 3 people to become BETA readers of the 3rd Book.

Role of a BETA reader:
A BETA reader does not need to edit/spellcheck the work. I simply ask that you provide feedback such as:
1) Parts you love
2) Parts you hate
3) Boring bits
3) What can be improved
4) Unanswered questions/ Unfinished business
5) Feedback on conclusion/ending.
6) Your expectations for the ending/resolution
Basically, anything to help me make this final installment an EPIC conclusion to the trilogy.

How to become a BETA reader:
Simply post on this blog, in 50 words or less, why you should be a BETA reader, and how you can improve the novel, and other's reading experience, through your feedback.

You must have read Book #1 and #2 in the trilogy already, and have a basic understanding of the english language.

So what are you waiting for? You can read the book before anyone else, and all you have to do is provide feedback before its official release date (Feb 15th).


  1. It would be honor and a joy to be a beta reader of Falling Ashes. Having read Frost Arch and Flame Throat, I understand the love affair of Jack and Avalon and their individual struggles. Avalon and Hawthornes unbreakable bond. As their relationships grow and evolve, it would be a pleasure to see where the next chapter of their lives will go, what role Helena will play. I would be honest with my thoughts and opinions should I be chosen. Keith Payet

    1. Thanks so much Keith!
      I'll decide who the BETA readers will be when the novel is complete. :)

  2. I have read your first two books and I thought they were great! You literally left me hungry for the next installment and I would love to have the opportunity to be a Beta reader for you. I have read many genres: fantasy, sci-fy, horror, futuristic, historic, even a few (thousand) romance novels.
    One of the things I would love to find out is if Avalon and Jack are able to put a dent or even demolish the human slave trade business.
    I trust that you will do a great job and I hope to be able to help in some small way.

    1. Thanks Tavia! :)
      I'll let you know if you are successful soon!

  3. I should be a BETA reader because I'm impatient to wait for the actual release of this book. I read the first one and waited anxiously for the second one which I read immediately. I also helped with the title for the third one and follow all of your posts. I love reading, I love this genre, and I am fast. I would be happy to answer every question above in detail and can have a quick turnaround. Pick me! :-)

    1. Thanks for your application Sam!
      ill let you know soon :)

  4. I discovered Frost Arch through the Kindle Lending Library and finished it within two days. I couldn't put the book down! I impatiently waited for Flame Throat and would be honored if chosen to get a sneak preview of Falling Ashes. Choose me, I can finish the book in no time and provide feedback FAST! Also, I hope you raise enough money for the movie!

    1. Thanks for your application Nam!
      I'll let you know soon :)

  5. I found Frost Arch by chance and once I started reading it I could not put it down. I finished it the day that I found it and then bought the second novel today and finished it as well. I love both of the novels and I can't wait for the third novel. I would love the opportunity to be a beta reader for the third novel and I'm would be able to proved feedback quickly since I'm an avid reader. I'm also an English major and hope to be a writer one day, which is why I can appreciate the need for honestly feedback. Thanks for the opportunity! A.J. Aguilera

    1. Thanks Adrianna :)
      I'll let you know soon!

    2. I am attempting to write a novel right now and one of the characters' last name is Bannister :). Just thought it was interesting to share