Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flamethroat Update

300 Pages

so far.

I'm almost finished ;)

Then I have to check it!


  1. Just read Frost Arch -- I loved it and can't wait for the sequel! I just wish you'd throw up a pre-order page for Flamethroat for those of us too lazy and/or disorganized to remember to keep checking to see if it's hit the shelves ;-)

    1. Aw :) Thank you.
      If Amazon let me put it up for pre-order I totally would! Alas, they don't allow it for indie-authors.

    2. That's too bad -- I'd have added it to my cart if it'd been there. Will bookmark your site and keep an eye out for Flamethroat!

    3. I am flattered. Flamethroat will go live on August 1st. It is finished, and currently in the editing process :)