Monday, April 9, 2012

Writing a Synopsis

One thing I am really terrible at is writing a decent book synopsis. I'm a novelist - I tell long stories, over hundreds of pages. Surmising my work in a few short sentences is daunting. Why? Because I believe that every point in crucial in explaining the plot!

But that's not the point of a synopsis, right? I need to explain the essence of the book in one paragraph - without giving too much away. So how do I pick out what is important when everything seems important to me?

I've read numerous 'How To's' and help guides to aid me in writing a short, sweet, and exciting synopsis - but I can't seem to nail it!

Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. I dont know what you read online, but if you are having trouble I would suggest just sticking to the biggest story arc. (For instance with Frost Arch: the narrator leaves home to find somewhere where she fits in, and finds adventures with new friends while learning about her power.)

    If you cant pinpoint the exact arc, find what you think the climax is and go from there.

    Those are just my thoughts, sorry if you already read similar tips online!

    Anyways, I like hearing updates about the books on your blot, please keep it up! :)