Monday, March 12, 2012

Passing as Elias (a Lesbian Romance) Now on

You read it right, guys.
My 2nd eBook 'Passing as Elias' is now available to purchase an an eBook on, and all of its sister sites.

Buy it here:


Elizabeth Searson is cleverer than most men, though as a woman her role is to be a wife, and a mother - something which holds no appeal to the twenty year old. When Elizabeth's Professor dies unexpectedly, and leaves his apothecary to Elizabeth, she discovers that she must marry in order to claim her inheritance.

Threatened by bankruptcy, Elizabeth begins a double life by dressing as a man called 'Elias', and quickly learns the perks of being male. Under her alias Elizabeth soon finds she is quite popular with the ladies, and soon finds herself under a particular ladies spell.
(Approx 50,000 words. Contains mature content)

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