Friday, February 10, 2012

A little about Kate

Why hello there Muggle.
How good of you to join me. I have been expecting you. I suppose you're wondering why I brought you here. Well, perhaps I shall answer your question with another question! 'Why not?'

Now, I know you're all asking yourself 'WHO ARE YOU, MYSTERIOUS BLOGGER?' Well, I shall quench your thirst for knowledge!

My dear friend, I am Kate Elizabeth Bloomfield, of Wollongong Australia. I am a full time graphic artist working in Sydney, and part-time eBook writer for Amazon. I was born in 1989 at a very young age, in London, England.

My favorite things include; Reading, writing, photo-manipulation, sculpting, and pretending to know how to draw. I have a partner called David, who sleeps most of the time, and I have a furry child called George, who sleeps and licks his balls most of the time.

On this blog you will find snippets of my writing, previews of upcoming novels, pieces of my artwork, and other miscellaneous ranting and ravings.

I would very much like feedback on my writing, so if you could find it in your cold, twisted heart to review the short pieces I post here, I will be forever in your debt.

Love, Kate.

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