Monday, February 27, 2012

Flamethroat - Book Two - The Fire Mage Trilogy

Want to know something exciting? 

Well, if you have read my first book 'Frost Arch', and are planning to read book two in the trilogy, then you might find this interesting.

As you know, Frost Arch is a first person story, told by Avalon Redding, the fire mage.

Yet I can now reveal to you that ONE CHAPTER in 'Flamethroat' (book two) ... will be from someone else's perspective!


Who's head shall you see into?

Jack? Raeven? Hawthorne?



  1. Kate,
    I just finished Frost Arch today and I quite enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to Flamethroat this summer :). I think you did a great job with the main characters and I like the world you are building! Living in England I can really appreciate the overcast/snow disappearing for a brilliant bright blue sunny sky!

    I also wanted to let you know that you have a author page on ( It needs to be updated, and shelfari is my number one site to find new books... so it might be a good way to spread word of Frost Arch! I will be letting my fellow shelfarians know what I thought of the book.