Monday, February 27, 2012

The Dreaded 1 STAR review.

It has happened.
I thought I would be a mess when I received my first 1 star review. But I think I'm okay, because I'm quite sure the reviewer did not even finish the book.

"This type of book is unfortunately the new "genre" that is flooding the Kindle store. While the premise is interesting each and every page is filled with sentence fragments and tense changes that overshadow everything else. Worse are the transparent shill reviews which are at best over-zealous friends and at worst outright inventions. Sorry Kate." 

Luckily for me, all of my reviews are NOT from over-zealous friends. Nor were they invented by myself. I really hope this does not affect other peoples decisions to read the book. 

I have a story to tell. I want to share it with the world. Does it really deserve 1 star? 
1 star is what you give a 25 page piece of drivel, with no plot, or character development.  


  1. We all dread the 1 star review by the grammar Nazi police. It is hard to read and harder to take. However. If you do get a 1 star review discard the "holier than thou" attitudes that the Nazi Grammar police can tend to have, and instead pay close attention to the actual critique. (every page is filled with sentence fragments and tense changes) research through the millions of sites on the internet what the reviewer is talking about, and learn how to fix it. Then consider a rewrite. If you need to then hire an editor (I know I have little money myself, but was forced to do this in the end) and make the changes they suggest. My editor reads for not just grammar, and punctuation, but for continuity as well.
    Lastly but not leastly (Yes I know that is not a real word) pick out the positive that the reviewers say ie... (the premise is interesting) They obviously think the same as you that (I have a story to tell) I hope this helps. Nothing but best wishes - Brian Randleas

  2. I say pooh to to the critic, and to anyone that would suggest a style change. I read fantasy for pleasures, "tense changes" are rathed important in an enjoyable read.If I were more concerned with correct crammer than a naturally flowing conversations, wither mono or dialoge, Id read a text book.

    I am rather impatient for sequel!

  3. Thank you Terra.

    The 'tense' changes are also a train in the main characters personality. Avalon is very awkward, with poor social skills. :)